Wooden Outdoor Storage Box Saving Solution

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A wooden outdoor storage box bench offers a place to sit at your entrance to remove your jacket and wet shoes. Use the space inside the storage to store umbrellas, scarves and other outdoor cushions. You can also place the bench in a playroom and use it to store toys or in a bedroom as storage for clothes out of season. The finished bench will be 16 inches deep across the width of your choice. Build an outdoor storage bench to match your wooden patio furniture with a few simple instructions. Teak, cedar, redwood or treated wood work best for outdoor storage and other furniture, as these forests are more resistant to mold and insects and age well outdoors. You can never have enough storage capacity, so put out the screwdriver and build a simple outdoor storage bench.

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Have your boards cut to size at your local wood store and you can unit this project together in no time. Cut the plywood into five parts, each 16 inches wide. Two pieces must be equal to the width of the joint. Two pieces should measure more than 16 inches by 14.5 inches and the final piece should measure 16 inches by the width of select. Adjust the waterproof outdoor storage box end piece of the side plywood for the time being. Give it a box shape with the other four pieces. The two 16 by 14.5-inch pieces should be interspersed between the two longer boards at the end. Run a line of glue along the two side edges of each small piece of plywood. And then press against the larger pieces to form the box.

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Fix the parts firmly by screwing in three cover screws in each corner. Space the screws about 5 inches apart, with the screws at the top and bottom 1 inch from the edge. Run a line of glue on the four side edges of the remaining piece of plywood, on the side that will be inside the box. Place the remaining piece over the top of the wood deck box, matching the edges. Secure in place by the cover fastening screws on all four sides, spaced 5 inches apart. Light the box on the right side up so that the wooden board is on the bottom. Cut the board 2 by 4 inches so that it fits inside the box. You should cut 1.5 inches shorter than the width of the box. Place the 2 by 4-inch board inside the box, level with the top edge of the back.

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