Why Antique Outdoor Oil Lamps Could Make You Money And Light Up Your Investments?

Virgins And Outdoor Oil Lamps

So, do you have a burning question about outdoor oil lamps? Could it be a good investment? Can they turn your place of residence into Aladdin’s cave? Could they be fun to collect? For more than 20 years we have restored antique oil lamps, bringing them back as close to the conditions of the showroom as possible and we don’t mind saying there is a great sense of satisfaction when you see the finished article. A week ago it was worn and suitable for a jump in the garbage; today, clean oil lamps glow perfectly, worth a lot of money. We have found the sensation of discovery truly out of this world.

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Many of the lights that we provide to customers around the world 10 years ago will now be worth double, or in some cases far more than double the amount paid. How much can you say about today’s capital investment? So, can antique oil lamps be a good investment and become an object of innovative beauty? The answer must be categorical, yes. But you have to know what to look for. We prefer lights with glass oil containers. As long as the glass is in good condition, it will hold the fuel oil without leaking and the beautiful colored glass founder looks fantastic with nice Victorian glass with matching colors.

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Because we are based in the UK we tend to like British-made lamps where many of the patents come from. There are hundreds of different types of oil lamps, but we personally prefer the type that uses a two-axis side-burner, known as a duplex. They are easier to work with and get spare parts and there are a variety of different brands and qualities. Can you buy a good antique oil lamp at a reasonable price? If you are ready to clean 100 years or more tarnish in and out the answer is yes. If you don’t want to do any work, you may have to pay a little more but there are many in the market that will hold back their prices and increase their value.

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Light colored glass oil is the most sought after where cranberries are very popular. Blue glass lamps with matching blue tend to be very valuable and the good ones take very high prices. Imagine our joy when we found shabby glass at a local auction a few months ago.