Ways To Use A Skinny Console Table

Hallway Skinny Console Table

Skinny Console Table – Anyone can put furniture in a room. The job of a decorator is to create atmosphere and style. Furniture is part of that, but the two most important aspects of ambiance in a room are lighting and ornamentation. Skinny console table adds greatly to both. Skinny console table is ideal for the hallway. The warmth of a solid wood console table is ideal, and since most hallways are long and narrow, the profile of a skinny console fits well. If possible, place it opposite the entrance; add two matching lamps and some lovely flowers, or an arrangement of green plants. To increase the available light, hang a mirror above the console, it will reflect the light from the lamps.

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When rooms are small, it is usual to have furniture like sofas against the walls. Where rooms are large, open plan or multi-purpose, it’s often necessary to have at least one free standing sofa, and in this case, you need a sofa table. Once again, a skinny console table can be used as long as it is no higher than the back of the sofa. The table will help to define the space, add style and from a practical point of view, its weight helps to stop the sofa from ‘creeping’ from its position.

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Where you need every ounce of space, a skinny console table, positioned behind a sofa, can also be used as a desk; choose one with a drawer for pens and papers, and since console tables are often intricate, ornamental pieces, you may choose to use one, especially if it has some storage, as a bedroom vanity. Wooden or distressed consoles often have a great deal of character, and can look wonderful when paired with an antique bed. Attach a mirror to the wall immediately above the table and be sure it is use-able from a seated position. Add a par of candlestick lamps with decorative shades; if you can’t find something feminine, a plain parchment colored lampshade will go with most things, buy ribbon in the color of your bedroom and add a bow as an accent.

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