Vintage Sofa Ideas With Creativity And Good Taste

Red Victorian Sofa

The living room is the most public area of ​​the house, which is interesting to decorate with creativity and good taste. We present a collection of photographs of rooms with elements and vintage details. Such as chandeliers, antique wood furniture or leather vintage sofa. The vintage decoration has become fashionable. And it is not unusual to see chandeliers, a leather armchair, light color walls or antique wooden furniture in the living rooms. They are the perfect frame for ‘vintage’ tables. Whether rustic or chosen between pieces from the 50s and 60s, lamps, stools, chairs or sofas. The ‘vintage’ pieces can be included in numerous styles. From the boho, to the romantic, the contemporary, the classic or the traditional. It is easy to find ‘vintage’ winks in the decoration of many homes. To achieve this style, more feminine, accessories. Such as vases, clocks and ‘vintage’ ceiling lamps are the best option.
In addition, lace in quilts, cushions and even in frame compositions, are appropriate and easy to find. If you do not like the more traditional ‘shabby’, choose little recharge pieces: metal headboards instead of carved wood, for example. The pieces of wrought iron or iron -sure you have seen cages with flowers. Or candles inside decorating some corners- provide lightness. And, of course, charm. An original vintage sofa, the Acapulco, including the Butterfly, and coffee tables made with recycled wood, will bring an ‘American’ touch. Dare, if you prefer, with some beach chairs in the style of those of the 20s and 30s. He also resorts to paintings made with posters of the time. Bright fabrics and, of course, decorative objects related to the sea.
The flowers, textiles and upholstery in floral style. Wallpaper on a wall to give accent and light colors: green and pink, will harmonize with some heritage furniture without any doubt. Redesign or update a piece with paint, new hardware or knobs will bring a current romantic touch. Chandeliers, appliqués or shaded screens can put, along with the appropriate light, a softer spot. The retro style has vintage desks and original pieces from the 50s and 60s, combine with new ones, retro -like the sofa in the photograph. Or more modern to create comfortable and cosmopolitan atmospheres. A sofa can be the protagonist,. But also a sideboard or a ‘vintage’ chair …, in a space that can even tend towards minimalism. Here we present a series of photos of current vintage sofa to complete your living room.

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