Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas And Sample

Alliance Outdoor Lighting Unique

Unique outdoor lighting – The lighting in the garden is a score that is played as soon as dusk comes. A luminaire here, a projector, a light garland there. And it is a garden, a terrace, which light up for our greatest pleasure around the vegetation or the garden furniture. Our outdoor lighting ideas for decorating the garden or terrace. To succeed in the lighting of the garden and therefore choose the outdoor lighting the best is to ask in front of paper and pencil. And start by drawing the garden plan and position the areas of the garden that you want to put forward. The terrace area well sure. But also the most beautiful massifs of plants for the pleasure of the eyes.

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The alley of the garden, the stairs for the comings and goings in the garden. The zone portal and the door of the house for the comfort and the security exterior. This map allows you to determine what type of lighting, direct or ambient, between spots, lights, lights. And lighting outdoor atmosphere is best suited to the configuration of the garden and your expectations of comfort and enhancement. Feel free to position the lighting points on several heights. And orientations to simulate their difference in radiation on the areas of the garden that you want to highlight. Another version of multicolor luminous ball working with Led. The color change is done by remote control. Autonomy is 6 to 8 hours. This luminous ball version allows immersion in a pool or a pool of water.

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A design luminaire for the outside that will make its effect by the pool. Or place in front of the front door. To be useful the day the pot. So large jar, can also serve as a pot.  For lighting the edges of garden paths or the entrance area of ​​the house, an outdoor LED terminal to be plant. Material: plastic and aluminum. Recessed spotlights to mark out the contours of the wooden deck LED bulbs. Spot diameter: 3cm, white light. A solution for a very economical outdoor lighting, solar! Small bollards that turn on automatically at dusk and recharge by day with solar energy. A nice idea for the lighting of the garden table. Plant four solar torches in wooden beams cut to different heights so that their radiation is wider. But also for the sculptural effect. The must, install a torch stud on both sides of the table.

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