Tips To Modernize High Back Chair

Tall Wingback Chair

If you have high back chair that you want to use with more modern furniture because they are in good shape. But there are a few things you can do to make the chairs fit better with your current style of furnishings. Paint the chair in a more modern color, such as red, black or light white. If you are done wooden chairs, you may need to deprive them of their finish before painting.
Check with the manufacturer of the color before it goes to your design high back chair. If you currently use unfinished wooden chairs in wood like pine or all. They may need to be primed before painting them, especially if the wood has dark spots. Change the dress on the chair. Certain patterns like floral print and wide stripes can make your chair look dated. Thinner stripes, solid colors and geometric prints tend to look less traditional and give your room and other parts around it a more modern look. When changing clothing, make sure that the chairs are not overstuffed, as these results in a more traditional look.
Replace the legs on the high back chair set with those of a more modern style and material. For example, wooden legs that are attached to the chair with screws can be replaced with metal legs to give them a more modern feel. Changing the legs of the chair can be done when painting the chair and changing the clothes as well. Place pieces that are more contemporary near the chair so they look more modern. Putting contemporary accessories in places near the chairs will help even more.

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His Slip Cover

With the right side of the two sections of printed fabric cover for the seat, use the sewing staple and pin all your edges together. Note that you will leave a 6-inch opening along a straight edge so that you can turn the right side out. With your sewing machine, sew pieces of the garment together. Sew everything with half-inch seams, and do not sew close your 6-inch opening. Cut the corners of your seams on the outer corner, and cut the seams up to the seam at the inner corner. On the curved front of your seat, cut each inch up to the seam. Use 6-inch holes; turn the seat pad to its right side. Push the edges on the bed base on the ironing board with the iron. With your needle and thread, tighten the 6-inch opening. You now have the cover part of your slip cover.

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