Tips To Clean Bathroom Fan Light

Hunter Bathroom Fan Light Bulb Replacement

A bathroom ceiling fan extracts warm, damp air and dust, dirt or other particles from the bathroom and vents the air outside to make the bathroom unsuitable for harmful molds or other microorganisms that grow in wet, humid environments. Over time, the fan assembly and engine, exhaust valve and lamp, if applicable, collect a layer of loose and greasy dirt. This not only reduces the efficiency of the fan but also promotes the growth of mold and implies a risk of fire. This is to clean the fan and air at least once a month to prevent accumulation.
Flip the bathroom fan light bulb switch in your switch so that no electricity flows to the fan and / or attached lights. Before set a step pallet or ladder near the valve and then step up on the pallet or steps carefully. If you work with high ceilings, ask someone to keep up the steps to stabilize it while working. Set it aside. Unscrew the bulb from the socket, if applicable, and set it aside. Unscrew easy assembly from the valve and set aside. Attach a gap or brush tool to the end of your vacuum hose. Vacuum outlet grille and / or light cover, fan assembly and engine, and the walls of the valve to remove dust, dirt and other debris.
Wipe the blades and bathroom exhaust fan with led light the walls with a cloth or undiluted distilled white vinegar to remove loose and oily dirt. Rinse the fabric and repeat with additional detergents and water or vinegar needed until you have removed all dirt. When done, rinse areas with a fresh, damp cloth and then wipe dry. Repeat cleaning and rinsing process with the exhaust grille and / or the light cap. When done, wipe off the exhaust grille and / or light cover completely dry and place the work aside. Clean the bulb and lightly assemble, if applicable, with a dry, soft cloth. Re-attach the mounting back into the valve and the bulb back to its base.
Tips and warnings
Use a professional outlet cleaner to inspect and clean the fan and air properly once a year. If you have experience with removing the bathroom, remove the decorative bathroom fan with light from the valve for easier cleaning. If you have no experience, make sure your professional vent cleaner, cleans and lubricates the fan during the annual cleaning and maintenance.

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