Tips To Clean And Repair Pool Chair

White Floating Chair

Pool chair consist of molded plastic for durability, flexibility and easy maintenance, as they are often used for sunbathing and relaxation around swimming pools and other outdoors. Exposure to sunscreens, body oils and parts the weather with dirt and debris gathered on outdoor chairs. Regularly clean chairs the vinyl pool preserves its aesthetically pleasing and allows them to last longer. Fortunately, basic solutions and deliver clean efficiently and restore your vinyl pool chairs.


Move the chair to a shady place of the sun. Spray the chair with water from a garden hose to loosen surface grime. Fill a 3 liter plastic bucket with 1 gallon of hot water. Add 1 tbsp. liquid detergent in the water. Mix to dissolve detergent. Moisten a mild sponge in water and detergent. Sprinkle 1 tsp. baking soda on the sponge to remove stubborn dirt. Scrub the entire chair with the sponge. Wipe vinyl slats, chair arms and legs. Often rinse the sponge with water from the garden hose to prevent applying for new grime to the chair. Apply new solution and 1 teaspoon. Baking powder to the sponge after each rinses it. Rinse the chair with water from the garden hose. Allow the chair to air dry.

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Tips and warnings

Alternate liquid or powder detergent for liquid detergent. Do not clean vinyl chairs with bleach, ammonia or abrasives, these products stripping vinyl ultraviolet protection. It’s a hot day, the kids are gone on a sleepover and you decide it’s time to spend some time in the pool. You pull out inflatable pool furniture in an attempt to sit and take some rays of sun just to find a hole in the furniture.  Fill the pool furniture with air. Unless the pool furniture has an obviously large hole, the best way to determine which area is the culprit and in need of repair is to blow up the furniture. Listen a wheezing sound. Once you have laid the air to the inflatable pool furniture, listen carefully to a wheezing noise.

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If you cannot hear the sound, drive your hand over the surface of the furniture to see if you can feel where the air is coming from. Run water over the pool furniture or place inflatable furniture in the pool. This allows you to locate the area in need of repair of tell speech bubbles. When you see bubbles, make sure to mark that area so you do not lose it. Thoroughly wipe the pool furniture before you begin to repair it. Together with the instruction manual, most inflatable pool furniture comes with its own form of mini repair kit. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to repair the hole. If your pool furniture has been around for a while and you cannot find the repair rate, you can get one at a pool delivery store.

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