The Current Decorating Trend: Blue Chair!

Blue Antique Wingback Chair

Blue chair – It is not possible to imagine a world without color. What would happen if one day our world were losing its color and everything turned gray, pale and taciturn? Colors transmit and invoke sensations, emotions, attractions or rejection. Without color we would not have emotions. At time of decorating a restaurant doubts begin about which colors I will choose and it is that importance of a good choice will allow to transmit one thing or another. Did you know that colors have great power over us? They are able to change our mood, predispose us to an idea, modify a first impression, transmit sensations … If we know what each one transmits we can use their power when necessary, whether to create a brand, present an idea or sell our gastronomy .The colors are a great ally for decoration of our premises.

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Through them we will be able to give shape to a decorative style, to create effects, or above all we will be able to transmit sensations, and that is that there are many colors that are capable of giving us something beyond simple decoration. What do you want to convey? blue chair:  It is color of freshness, spirituality, freedom, patience, loyalty, peace and honesty. This color is directly associated with tranquility and calmness and can sometimes transmit sadness or depression. It has been proven that this color suppresses appetite, and its use should be avoided when promoting food or recipes.

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Yellow: This color is fastest that reaches our brain and that’s why we see it faster. Yellow color represents caution. Yellow is color of sun and we translate it as emotions of optimism, happiness, brightness and joy. This color causes creative thoughts. We use yellow to bring attention and we use it to highlight certain important elements in design.

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Green:  Green is always related to joy, it conveys purity and above all evokes everything related to nature and outdoors. This color also makes people feel safe and cared for. It is intensely linked to issues of health, freshness, peace and solution of environmental problems. It suggests fertility, freedom, healing and tranquility. White : color white is color that has highest sensitivity to light. This color is sum or synthesis of all colors, and symbol of absolute, of unity and innocence, means peace or surrender. White creates a luminous impression of emptiness, infinite positive. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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