The Big Advantage Of Bathroom Wall Storage

Bathroom Storage Cabinet Wall

Bathroom wall storage – Is your bathroom only a few square meters big? Then it is certainly a challenge to mention when it comes to an optimal layout and layout. Moreover, we all seem to suffer from a chronic lack of space, regardless of the size of our home. And this certainly applies to the bathroom. Nevertheless, with a few simple solutions and interventions you can save a lot of space. And in this way create a cozy and cozy bathroom. How exactly do you do this? By choosing at least smart storage options! Help is coming your way! To help you a little way, we have put together a number of inspiring examples and useful tips for you. With these tips, arranging and arranging your bathroom becomes child’s play!
In a small bathroom you work not only with the dept. But also with the available height. Think of tall, narrow cupboards and mirror walls with cupboard space. You can read more about this later in this Idea book. Also ideal for working in height: hanging boards! The big advantage of bathroom wall storage is that you can almost always tailor them for your bathroom. You can also use them almost everywhere. Think of the space above the toilet or above the sink. Choose a single large plank over the entire length of the wall. Or just choose several planks above each other. Go for contrast by choosing a shelf in a striking color that contrasts with the background. Do you want to tackle it more subtly? Then of course you can also choose to keep the shelf and the wall in the same color.
We all often run into it: those difficult to set up corners in the bathroom. Fortunately, there are nowadays enough smart and fun opportunities to set up these corners. You can, for example, hang up a number of bathroom wall storage on top of each other. As can also be seen on the photo below. When you choose shelves in a light color or even shelves made of glass in your small bathroom, you make them less noticeable and the room therefore looks bigger again. There are also elements that are specially made to place in corners, very handy. You can choose a variant that you simply place on the ground. Or just go for a nice one to hang on the wall. Be sure to check out the possibilities for your bathroom.

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