Take Advantage Of Bedroom Dresser

Baby Bedroom Dresser

The bedroom dresser are the storage furniture par excellence. Because thanks to their size they have become the great all in one: coat racks, shelves and even shoemakers, everything fits inside! Precisely this quality makes them a must within any bedroom where the decoration is design to make the most of the space. Especially when we speak of a small room. The one-piece and rectilinear ones had a reserve place on the walls. But their structure was not a guarantee that they would fit our taste, and worse. That they would intone with the aesthetics that we had given to our room. Nowadays, however, interior design has welcome another kind of lines. And forms to propose practical solutions that fit. And of course take advantage of, the space of our bedroom.
Inside these solutions are the corner cabinets. Embedded or not, its main purpose is to give use to those spaces that we gave for lost when it came to decorating a room: the corners. And it is that it is not little that is possible to store in this angle of 90º that separates a piece of furniture. And another one in the conventional bedroom dresser. The design of our next inspiration gives us the feeling of being embedded. By camouflaging its lines and style with those of the wall itself. But far from what it may seem, we are in front of a 3D model. Or what is the same, a design that occupies a considerable physical space inside the bedroom. So your figure must adapt to colors that harmonize with the rest of decoration.
A trick for this is to match the sides of the wardrobe with the cut of the wall. Or opt for the combination black and white, always a great bet to highlight the elegant character of any room. When the space of the bedroom allows it, we can afford to place a bedroom dresser that occupies both ends of the dike. In this case, the furniture resizes the size of the room by not being embedded in the wall. And it does so in a subtle way by placing the shelf that joins the wall slightly at an angle of 90º.  White colors and a discreet design suitable for any room that meets the necessary dimensions. Here, the most difficult thing will be to remember in which module we have placed that cowboy that we like so much.

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