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Zooks Hex Signs For Sale

Hex signs for sale outdoor – Also, it is important to differentiate between “Fancy Dutch” and “Plain Dutch” as the communities are not synonymous. The Amish and Mennonite communities are considered “Plain Dutch”. And did not participate in hexology as early “Fancy Dutch” settlers did. From what some people have read, the Amish really don’t like being asked about Hex signs. So please approach the communities respectfully if you are touring popular Hex sign tourism routes. Fancy Dutch groups for the most part have assimilated into other groups in the United States. Some Fancy Dutch communities are still thriving in the rural parts of Pennsylvania including. Reading, Allentown, York, and Lebanon. When early Swedish and German Dutch settlers first came to Pennsylvania in the 17th century. They brought with them a rich cultural tradition of creating Hex Signs to commemorate special life events. 

Hex Signs are not the same as Barn Quilts.

Hex sign designs are always shown in a circular format or painted on circle plaques. There has been a rise in a similar art style. Barn Quilts in the last 20 years. While the art style and symbolism is similar, it should not be confused with any affiliation to hex signs. Barn quilts originated in Ohio in 2001. This tradition is spreading rapidly and though I don’t have any evidence to support the theory. Whatever their true origin or function, these signs are incredible pieces that demand attention. The brightly colored designs are typically symmetrical and almost kaleidoscopic in style. The intricate signs contain a variety of symbols. From pointed stars, to sunbursts, and animals, each representing a different theme or message. Hex signs can bestow good luck. Also encourage love and romance. Or remind one of the beauty of everyday life.

The obscure meanings behind the colors and symbols aren’t necessary to enjoy their beauty and craft. Just like the best modern logos, hex sign templates can appreciated on many levels. We’ve created a set of our own Seedhouse hex signs that you’ll see sprinkled throughout our work and on social media. The function of hex signs is less certain. But there are generally two prevailing theories. The first is that the signs were designed as talismans–literal “hexes” or “painted prayers,” made to ward off bad weather, ensure good crops or curse a neighbor’s fields. This idea is supported by the fact that “Hexe” means “witch” in German. Though the actual name “Hex” wasn’t used to describe the signs until the 1920s. An alternative theory pegs hex signs as simple folk art and decoration. Meant to preserve an immigrants’ cultural identity in a new country.

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