Super Functional Sawhorse Console Table

Built In Sawhorse Console Table

The sawhorse console table is a very practical and functional table that we can use to decorate any space in our home. It is characterized by being attached to the wall or the back of a piece of furniture; in addition, it occupies much less space than a dining table, although it is higher, something that makes it the perfect option to turn it into a wild card. We can use it as a surface to leave ornaments, as a place to have breakfast, as a writing desk … For what you want!

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As we have already said, the sawhorse console table is an auxiliary table that we can use for whatever we want. On the one hand, it is perfect furniture to decorate; therefore, we can leave vases and other ornamental elements that embellish it. The console table is also very practical if we want to use it as a desk, either to work with the laptop, to read or to study any agenda that we have pending.

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We can place an auxiliary lamp that allows us to have some extra light when we need it. Another use that we can give to our console table is that of breakfast, and is that the space offered is ideal to leave food for one person. In fact, there are extendable sawhorse console table that offers us an extra space, becoming when we need it in a practical dining table for lunch and dinner.

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