Styles Of Vintage Couch

Unique Antique Sofa Styles

Vintage couch styles get a sense of personality, history and style in a room. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from the 18th and 19th century styles that have become existing classic to the clean, effective lines of modern times. Learn more about the key features of different vintage couches can help you identify a style that suits your taste.

Mid-Century Modern Suffer

The mid-century modern refers to a style of architecture and décor from the 1930s through the 1960s, based on the principle that the style is equal function. The appearance has simple, clean lines and geometric shapes without unnecessary decoration. Much furniture from this era is considered a lot of collectibles. Vintage style sofa from this era has spare, straight backs with proportionally large arms and little or no extra decoration or embellishment.
Chesterfield Suffer
Chesterfields dates back to the 19th century. The features of this style include a high couch back that sweeps into armrests at the same height. Chester also has large, rolled arms and insidious pillows that cannot be removed. Often dressed in leather or velvet, Chesterfield sofas traditionally have tight editing and tufting accentuated with buttons. Named after 18th century designer Thomas Chippendale, this vintage sofa style has a number of striking features. Chippendales have curved lines with a camel-back or “cupid-bow” shape to the couch again. They usually have a single, uninterrupted seat cushion. Traditionally they rest on mahogany, cabriole style legs with a horizontal railing between them. Most Chipped sofas have leather or textured upholstery, such as heavy damask.
Shimming Suffer
Also called a chaise longue or chaise longue, a fading vintage sofa set is a classic sofa that has come back in fashion. The main feature of a fading sofa is that the back is only raised at one end. The 19th century style got its name because of the tight corsets worn by Victorian era women. The underwear obstructed women’s waist circumference and the middle of the sections so hard, they became often dizzy when walking on stairs. Victorian homes often had fainting sofas placed on top of the stairs.

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Traditional sofas

Traditional sofas are characterized by rich colored upholstery, dark wood and solid pillows. They work well in formal contexts such as living rooms. There are several different types of traditional sofas. The convertible sofa has a curved wooden frame carved from a piece of wood. The Lawson Sofa has rolled arms that sit lower than the back. The Chesterfield sofa has a tuffed back and a tight seat.

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