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If stair chair starts being a problem for you or your loved one, you may want to start looking for a solution. However, given the variety of different options and models of stair lifts, we understand that you may have doubts when choosing the most appropriate model. Although many of the options, chair or platform stair lift, could help you in the same way to recover their freedom of movement, have different characteristics, which adapt to different situations. Climbing chairs can carry a single person through the stairs and, as the name suggests, comfortably seated in a chair. It’s a very simple and direct solution – it transports you up the stairs while you sit comfortably. One of the main advantages of having a chair climbs stairs is that it is very efficient in terms of energy savings and also allows you to enjoy your entire home and even transport some objects with you.

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As we have indicated before, anyone can use a stairlift, regardless of age, whether or not he or she has a physical disability. Depending on the degree of mobility, if you are able to hold your torso while sitting in the chair during the journey, you can use a stairlift. The electric power stair chair for stairs do not require the carrying out of works or reforms in the staircase unlike other mobility or accessibility solutions , which together with its manufacturing and assembly system allow this type of stair climbing chairs to be installed in a clean and fast, it will hardly take a few hours to install one of these chairs on a straight flight of stairs of little distance and in the case of more complicated facilities, such as the case of curved stairs or formed by several sections.

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With one or two days will be enough to leave the installation completely finished. It is possible to install a chair upstairs on the vast majority of stairs, regardless of whether they are long, short, wide or narrow, indoor or outdoor, straight, curved or spiral, or multi-story. The stair lift reviews, with their tailor-made rail, they adapt perfectly to your stairs, without the need of works or adaptations in your house. In addition, the installation is fast and clean (in less than 1 day). A chair for climbing stairs consists of an elevator that incorporates a seat in which the user can be accommodated and move safely, following the path of the staircase through a guide or guides. The operating controls of a chair to climb stairs are fully adapted for use by seniors.

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