Special Corner Small Console Tables

Unique Small Console Tables

Small Console Tables – Sure you like to receive your visitors at home and do it in that special corner where you feel very comfortable to share laughs and conversation. For that reason, today I teach you a craft with which you can design a beautiful wooden side table. It is small and very practical at the same time but, above all, it is very decorative. Perfect for a hot coffee with your visitors. I show you how to build it next.

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First, place the metal pastes on the back of the slice of wood, checking that they are at the same distance from each other and none protrudes. Place the screws and secure them with the screwdriver. The first thing you have to do is paint the small console tables wooden disc, the bowl and the pot with the spray paint. Make it each piece separately and let dry following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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When dry, place the pot face down and stick the base of the bowl at the base, and finish by placing the wood on the bowl to make a kind of lid. To fit perfectly you can cut it to size. You can leave it on the outside, say, that protrudes from the diameter of the bowl, or inside, embedded inside. On the other hand, you have to take into account what kind of decorative objects you are going to place on this small console tables.

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