Rustic Bedding Linens Decor

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Selecting bedding offers an opportunity to create a nutritious, comfortable resting place that suits your home decor. Linen materials include fitted sheets, top sheets, duvets and pillowcases. Whether you are looking to outfit the bedroom in your new Maine lakefront home? Or you just want to keep the guestroom in your humble family hunting shack in rural Minnesota from out of place? So, combine classic materials with earthy, return colors and patterns, especially with rustic bedding to make a nice rustic bed.
Outfit the bed or beds with flannel sheets to promote rustic, rugged work shirts, childhood pajamas and cozy cottage nights. While plaid is the classic pattern for flannel work shirts, you can find flannel sheets in almost any color and pattern. Flannel sheets are especially suitable for people living in leaky houses. Or cabins or who like to sleep with the windows cracked in winter. If the weather is too hot for flannel, plain cotton sheets can form a soft base for your rustic chic bedding.
Pamper your head with down pillows encased in a pillow case that matches your plates, whether flannel or summer cotton; feathers come from geese farmed on farms and are the actual embodiment of “rustic.” For the charming inconsistent rustic look, buy pillowcases that complement but do not match the sheets. For example, if your plates are brown plaid flannel, get cream-colored pillow cases with tiny brown dots.
Make a wool blanket over the spokesman or top sheet if the bedroom gets cold. Or if you sleep with the window open at all seasons. Natural materials like cotton and wool say “rustic” much more than synthetic materials such as fleece. Not only are wool blankets warm, but they also wake up visually the rough, wild days when cowboys Red range with a little more than a blanket and a bonfire to get them through the cold nights. In summer or in warm climates, fold the rug and put it on the foot of the bed or on an old rocking chair for rustic decoration.
Add a quilt to your bedding for ultimate in rustic luxury bedding comfort. Pioneer women would mix quilts from carefully stored pieces of worn trousers and worn dresses. Even if you do not happen to be a quilt or traditionally quilts handmade by your grandmother, you can commission a quilt or buy a big-bought one for a touch of Vadmel style.

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