Repurposed Bathroom Vanity Recycle From Cabinet

Repurposed Bathroom Vanity Weathered Wood

Repurposed Bathroom Vanity – Updating your bathroom with a new vanity gives the whole room a facelift. However, you do not have to buy a new cabinet to enjoy the look of one. You can transform a traditional walnut cabinet into an elegant and modern vanity or you can maintain the style and only change the color of the wood. If your cabinet is sturdy and in good condition, making the look of the new face takes only a few tools and supplies.

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Remove the screws that secure the hardware to the cabinet hinge. Place the cabinet door on the floor and remove the screws from the door hinge. If the hinges are in good condition, you can save them to repurposed bathroom vanity in the new door. Draw a straight line out from each screw hole hinge around on the side edge of the cabinet very lightly with a pencil. This is your height guide for the placement of new hinges. Remove the drawers.

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Remove the screws that hold the plates facing the drawers as explained in the repurposed bathroom vanity guide. Screws are located inside the drawer behind the faceplate. Measure the length of the stringers, sections vertical bezel, in the cabinet. Measure, mark and cut the strips of the self-adhesive sheet the necessary length for each upright with a sharp knife.

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