Remodel Small Bathroom With Dark Tiles

Remodel Small Bathroom Ideas

Remodel small bathroom – Dark tiles in gray, black or purple can give a bathroom space an upscale appearance. There are many interesting ways to use dark tiles on floors or walls. A small bathroom will have a high quality look if you take the time to plan the details. It is important to use fixtures and faucets that are more expensive in a small bathroom. Everything will show more in a small room, so invest in the best materials you can afford.

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Design for remodel small bathroom with mix dark with light. Create light in the small room during the initial design. For example, sketch space to include a large mirror on a wall or a large window. Adding dark tiles can make the room seem smaller if you fail to use a few techniques to expand the room. For example, if you use 9-inch black shiny tiles on the floor, add sharp white joints to enlarge floor space visually. Install a mixture of dark and light tiles on a sink vanity as well.

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Use light materials on most of the wall rooms. For example for remodel small bathroom, you can use light brown tiles on three of the walls and the floor. However, you can create a fourth wall with light brown tiles plastered with dark brown tiles. Use a pair of dark brown tiles in the floor pattern, too. Try to use cinnamon-colored towels to tie it all together.

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