Reclaimed Wood Desk Unique Furniture Choice

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Desk Popular

Finding old wood that is sturdy and enough to make a reclaimed wood desk can be difficult straight. So old wood tends to be weathered and warped. However, the old wooden doors recovered from construction yards or thrift stores are perfect for making a large and sturdy desk. Two old flat panel doors can make a very handsome desk that will not only be practical and attractive but provide a conversation topic for your home, office or workspace. If you want a fresh look for your old and boring wood desk, you can paint it for flavor. You may want to use a glossy finish to make your desk look like the surface of a grand piano. Or go for something more subdued. Most of the work in painting a wooden desk is in his preparation for painting.
Rip one of the 32-by-80-inch doors in a 20-by-80-inch panel on a table saw. Leaving the other half of a 12-by-80-inch panel. Cut the 20-by-80-inch panel into two pieces that measure 20-by-27 inches for the legs of the table. From the 20-by-80-inch panel piece, cut two fixing systems for the 3-by-20-inch measuring legs. Cut the panel from 12 x 80 inches to 60 inches long for the reinforcement between the legs of the reclaimed computer desk. Choose which side of the back pieces will be the outside (the most attractive side). And then stick a fastening system to one side of the inside of the legs, flush with the top. Secure the slats with five screws spaced evenly. The screws must be long enough to pass through the fastening system and up to half the thickness of the legs.
Place the legs on their edge, with the fixing systems of both to the same end. Place the clamp on the legs at the end with the studs. The support should be flush with the upper part of the legs and flush with the sides of the legs. Secure the clamp to the edge of the office desk reclaimed wood legs with four evenly spaced screws. Support the legs in a vertical position (lateral fixation system upwards) and place the second door centered on the upper part. If the door has a hole in the old handle. Position it in the back near the clamp and use it if a hole in the power cord. Secure the top of the desk door to the legs with five screws spaced evenly across the slats on the legs at the bottom of the top of the door desk.

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