Popular Vintage Bathroom Vanity Design

Vintage Bathroom Vanity Style

A vintage bathroom vanity can be either wall-mounted or stand-alone and holds two sinks. Because it is longer length and the need for twice as much water, the double vanity is ideal for larger bathrooms, such as the master bathroom. This vanity often has two or three cabinets, is fitted with drawers and has plenty of room on the bench.

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An open vanity is one without enclosed cabinets. These vanities are generally stand-alone and show due to not being trapped, often showing under-sink plumbing. This form is very stylized and often in smaller bathrooms, although greater open vanity is available. The open vanity can be very modern or vintage style. Those who live in small spaces and look to replace or attach, wall-mounted sinks will appreciate the open vanity. This form is not ideal for those who need cabinets other vintage bathroom vanity styles include.

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Homeowners wishing to enter bathrooms with unique style should make sure to create their own vintage bathroom vanity. Vintage furniture, such as kitchen cabinets and buffets, make excellent vanity. These vanities are characteristic, include cabinets and drawers, but should be filled with counters treated for use in bathrooms. Vintage furniture used in bathrooms must be treated appropriately against moisture to avoid peeling and cracking.

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