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A platform beds is a small ingenious sleeping contraption that puts your bedrooms 5 or 6 feet off the ground. Under a platform bed is an especially pleasant place to place a desk or a set of drawers. If your place of life is desperately in need of a more functional area, then the making of a piece of furniture, so that your operating margin. Cut four pieces of 4 x 4 to the length of 6 feet, or whatever height you want to create your platform bed. You can use a circular saw to make the shaping. Each cut will using two passes with the electric saw. Notches on top of each of 4 by 4 to accommodate a 2 x 10 piece of wood. This means taking a circular saw and setting the depth exactly to 1 1/2 inches.
Using a carpenter’s square as a guide, make a cut at the 9 1/4 inch mark. Divide the line with the blade of the saw and then continue making cross cuts with the circular saw and continue using the carpenter’s square as a guide. Chisel all the material between the cuts with a sharp material chisel and a hammer. Do this for the four positions. Determine the size of the platform bed full structure (width and length). If you have already purchased a mattress, then add 4 inches to each dimension to determine the overall size of the wooden structure (this includes an extra inch of flexibility). For example, a mattress size of 80 by 56 inches will have a platform bed frame cut to a length of 84 inches (7 feet) by 60 inches (5 feet).
We have to go with these dimensions. Cut two pieces of 2 by 10 to 84 inches, but we have to shorten the pieces of the ends by 3 inches (to take into account the thickness of the two long pieces). Thus the platform bed frame material pieces of the ends are cut to 57 inches. Cut these four pieces into a pair of easels with a carpenter’s square and a circular saw. Place the two long pieces of 2-by-10 (84 inches is the correct length) to two 4s 4-by-2-inch wooden screws. Remember to drill pilot holes and also make a hollow space that is about 1/2 inch deep. Use a bit of speed 3/4 inch hole to do this. Make sure the recess cut is only a 1/2 deep. The recess cut will be used instead of a countersink to hold the head of the fastening bolt.

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