Placement Sofa Chaise In The Living Room

Sofa With Movable Chaise

The sofa chaise is one of the fundamental elements for our stay and beyond. There are many types of sofa chaise: leather, fabric, modular sofas, etc. The sofa can be a corner, with few seats or for sleeping. It is a piece of furniture that allows you to create a conversation corner or relax like watching TV. In homes it is generally found in the living room or in waiting rooms in offices.
The term “sofa” comes from the Arabic diwan who identified a specific place where the scribes worked on administrative documents sitting on cushions. Wondering what the main use may be is the starting point for choosing a sofa chaise lounge. Do you need to watch TV, relax, read a book or cover? The place where the sofa will stand in the living room depends on many factors. The most important are its size and size. However, it is worth bearing in mind that even if the living room is a small room, you can afford a bit of finesse in setting this piece of furniture.
With a little involvement in the subject, you can create, for example, an optical division of the interior into zones. The couch usually has a company in the form of a chair, a pouf or a coffee table. So if you decide to put it in the middle of the room / living room, remember to leave about 1.2 m free space on each side of the annex. This will allow you to freely pass the furniture. A good decision will also be putting a couch under the window. It is a great place to arrange a relaxation corner, which will be well-lit by daylight. With this solution, however, it is necessary to pay attention not to plow the window with furniture.
If the living room is spacious, a good solution will be to set the sofa back to the kitchenette or dining corner. The couch is a low piece of furniture, so it will be perfect as a barrier between them and the seating area. It is important, however, to adjust the size of the furniture to the size of the room in this case. Too large can give the opposite effect to the expected – to become a clutter point of the interior, especially when unfolded. It is also important to pay attention to the finish of the back and sides of the sofa. More and more chaise sofa chair available models on the market, eg equipped with practical shelves at the back, ideal for holding decorations, books or trinkets.

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