Best Oval Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

Traditional Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Creative and unique decorative ideas can be used throughout your home to personalize it and give it a cozy feeling. If you want to update and customize an oval bathroom mirrors, a basic feature in most bathrooms, you can decorate it to give it a personal touch. Border, also known as trim, can fit around the mirror to give your flat mirror an image-frame effect.


Measure the mirror length from the bottom center of the oval to the top center. Measure the mirror width from one side to the other in the widest range. Multiply the length and width of the mirror, then multiply that number by 0.8 to calculate the area of ​​the mirror. Take the measurements for your oval mirrors to your local hardware, home improvement or craft shop. Give a sales clerk the dimensions and ask him or her to help you find the right amount of flexible trim for your mirror. Companies like Sago manufacture flexible strips and trim for curved walls, curved windows or other curved applications. Use a paper towel and window sill to clean the mirror.
If your oval mirror bathroom can easily be moved, place it on a flat surface. If it is glued to the wall, clean the area around and below the mirror. Pre-assemble trim around the mirror to make sure you have enough. Lay the trim side down on a flat surface and line trim back with quartz-sized beads of 3-5 mm apart. Pick up trim up and push back the back cover along the outer edge of the oval mirror. Keep the trim in place for 30 seconds and repeat until the trim borders the completely oval mirror. Apply a layer of epoxy to the back of the mirror. Center the mirror on the plywood board and press down to set the epoxy in place
Apply epoxy to the back of a piece of wood casting and along the edge of the glass. Slide the list so the fake track catches the edge of the glass. The shape should overlap the edge of the glass. Use a nail gun to attach the list of plywood by pushing a small nail to the edges and mirrors. Be careful not to nail the glass. Repeat with the remaining pieces of casting. Attach the video cable to the D-ring straps. Choose a drill bit which is slightly smaller than the molly bolts. Drill a pilot hole. Put the Molly bolt in the pilot hole. Point a hammer to insert it into the wall. Drill the supplied screw into the wall. Let the screw stand out about a half inch. Hang the picture thread on the screws.

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