Outdoor Patio Accessories Inspiring Style Themes

Small Patio Decor Ideas

Nowadays, the outdoor patio accessories pieces inspired in disrepair are easily available in mass-selling stores. Ashwell says this style reflects comfort and practicality while demonstrating appreciation for vintage items with imperfections. The style is a mixture of English elegance and old world charm. Features feminine pieces that appear old with skipped paint and visible imperfections. Adapt this design concept to your patio by using colors inspired by the shabby chic aesthetic. Incorporating period furniture and accessories into your patio setting. Decorating your walls and floors will help you develop the shabby chic theme. Paint the floor in a variety of colors, such as blue, green and yellow. As an alternative, paint it with a milk wash to give it a whitish color. Adding wooden decks or painted white will also help you create a shabby chic environment.

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Hang objects in a variety of places around your yard. For example, hang an cool patio accessories mirror or photo frame on the outside wall. Hang small pictures of flowers and vintage motifs from your outdoor office. Add China to different patterns for the table or break the crockery into small pieces. That is to make a mosaic table or tray. Place a variety of white containers to form an amazing screen. The wicker furniture works with the shabby chic style and is easily available in the form of patio tables, chairs, and sofas. Add an old office or bakery shelf to your yard to maintain gardening supplies. Do not be afraid of damaging the furniture from being out in the open. Shabby chic furniture is often old and imperfect anyway. Paint the furniture a bold color like blue or green.

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Use vintage logs as a table or container to store picnic supplies. Use a variety of flower boxes to cover your patio with flowers. Tea cups, painted coffee cans, bowls, water jugs. A chair or even a toilet provide unconventional planters that fit your patio accessories and decor. Pop the drawers of your outdoor office and place a couple of pots inside. Planters or old pots with splinters of paint can find a new home in your shabby chic patio. Cover the table with a floral or lace tablecloth. Linen napkins that do not quite match will make a quaint appearance at your outdoor table. Vintage pillows in a stitching or floral pattern. That provide a palette of soft colors on the top of your sofa or chair. An old quilt can also be used to line the back of a rocking chair.

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