Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas: It’s Time To Go Hybrid

Square Storage Ottoman

Ottoman coffee table – Taken separately, both ottomans and coffee tables are extremely versatile and useful, so what would happen if you combined the two? Well, you get a new piece of furniture that is even more functional and that you can use at least in two different ways. Ottoman coffee tables are great and fairly easy to use, especially if you like casual designs. Because no matter how hard you try, you could never make a space look completely formal if there is an Ottoman coffee table in the center. That is actually one of the things we love most about these hybrid pieces.

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No matter how you put it, they have an intrinsic dose of informality and comfort. The cocktail ottoman is not only a decorative design element for the living room but it is also a very practical and useful accessory. You can use it as a stool to sit on or as a table for drinks trays. Although a double ottoman can be placed in any area (under the dresser of the entrance and at the foot of the bed or in a waiting room). The usual in the most common rooms is to have a TV cabinet on one of the walls, a three-seater sofa just opposite and either a loveseat. Or a chaise longue or two armchairs at right angles to the sofa. These to allow a comfortable conversation among several.

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Well, the remaining space can be “filled” with a double ottoman to visually frame that area. If we also add a large carpet that takes all the seats (sofas, armchairs and poufs) the effect will be perfect. As for the most suitable type of ottoman, cross-leg types are especially good in any style. The capitonéupholstery or velvet upholstery studded with tacks will add glamour. If you want a more rustic look, the sackcloth or wicker and rattan base will be perfect. And if your style is Arabic, a couple of Moroccan poufs will delight your living room.

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Finally, the short, wide and perfectly rectangular will be the ideal if your room is minimalist or contemporary. If you want to do some DIY ottoman storage box style coffee table you will love it. It is a piece of furniture with storage space, which can be used to support the feet, as a seat or coffee table. In addition, it works with wheels and by placing a padded surface you will have a comfortable and beautiful ottoman. Although it takes several steps to do it, it is not a complicated process.

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