Making Frame Bathroom Magnifying Mirror

Gold Bathroom Magnifying Mirror

Bathroom magnifying mirror – Framing your bathroom mirror not only enhances the appearance of the mirror, but the overall look of your bathroom. There are many options on the trim, ranging from a clean modern style to a more elegant design. The project is not difficult and can be accomplished with basic joinery skills and tools. With a couple of hours of your time, you can dress up your bathroom mirror and give your bathroom a quick new look.

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Measure the size of the bathroom magnifying mirror. Buy enough fired casting for the project; this will vary depending on the size of the mirror. In addition to casting, buy four square dot blocks and all supplies needed for the project. Paint or bite all sides of the four blocks and casting. Allow the pieces to dry. When dry, light sand any irregularities and paints. If you use the stain, apply a layer of polyurethane finish to all pieces. Apply clear glue on the back of one of the square corners. Press it on the lower left corner of the mirror. Place it so that it shoots mirror edges by 1/4 inch.

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Apply the adhesive to a second square corner piece. Press it on the lower right corner of the bathroom magnifying mirror. Measure the distance between the two blocks. Transfer this measurement to slanted shaping and cut two horizontal sections to size. Improve the ends with a click of fresh color or bets. Apply glue to the back of a horizontal grooved section. Do not put the glue too close to the edge as it will be seen in the mirror reflection. Place it between the two bottom square blocks. Center the edge of the profile toward the edge of the square block.

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