Ideas To Make Chair Fabric

Red Fabric Reclining Chair Ideas

Chair fabric – To make leather seats for a PVC chair, look for strong fabric for outdoor use. Choose a heavy protected ultraviolet canvas, a thick woven outer fabric or a marine grade vinyl. Canvas, even if treated with waterproofing, will absorb some moisture, while the rainwater pools on the vinyl surface. Vinyl seats can be cleaned dry, while air drying canvas takes a while. If the chair will always be exposed to rain, opt for vinyl on canvas. Measure the width of the seat, from the outer edges of the frame, using the criterion measurement or tape. Measure the length of the front part of the frame seat to the top of the backrest.

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Adapt to the part of the seat chair fabric that hangs down slightly, in which the seat and backrest meet. Six additional inches should be enough to cover that, but measure to be sure, and add 9 inches to the length of the case. Do not add anything to the width and the sling should hang just inside the frame after the edges are finished. Draw out the dimensions of the fabric, using tailor’s chalk. Make two rectangles of cloth. Cut around the drawn lines, with the scissors. Place the two rectangles with the sides of the back together. Fold the fabric over 1/2 inches all the way to each long side, then fold the edge a second time. The cut edges will be completely enclosed. Top-stitch 1/8 inch from both of the inner and outer edges of the lid. This will be thick.

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Then, fold the top and bottom edges 1/2 inch above, and then fold the edges again, making a 2-inch fold this time. Sew the large fold down with the sewing machine by the 1/8 inch high seam of the folded edge that it created when it made the fold 1/2 inch. Run a second top seam line using 1/8 inch seam inside the first line. This causes the casing to slip through the PVC pipes at the top and bottom edges. You will need a heavy, sharp sewing machine needle to punch through all the layers of fabric. You can make the sling a single thickness of the fabric, but the chair will support more weight with double layers of fabric. Put the folded seams that were at the top when sewing the seat sling on the back of the chair. The cover will be flat, giving the chair more attractive visual than it would have if the finished edges are on top.

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