Ideas To Decorate Antique Coffee Table

Wood Glass Coffee Table Antique

Have an antique coffee table to decorate? Use these unorthodox ideas to make on your coffee table and give it a totally new look. Use your imagination, be creative in your techniques and accessories with personal effects and you will have a coffee table that is better than new. The top of a coffee table can set the tone for a whole room. It is essential that this fits the aspect that we are going to go. If you enjoy changing your coffee table often, for example, to show family photos or seasonal paraphernalia, try overlaying your coffee table with a sheet of clear glass. Then you can easily display autumn leaves, pressed flowers, postcards, children’s illustrations and Christmas cards.

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If you really want to give the table a makeover, take half a day and completely renew the top. Try placing small kitchen tiles or creating a mosaic, leaving a quarter of an inch around the outside of an edge. For a turn, create a raised edge to make the tiles look incrustations. It’s very simple just use strips of finished wood and a little bit of glue. The legs of a coffee table add an additional touch to your theme. If the legs have sections, add interest by painting each section or ring of a different color. For a modern theme, paint the tabby paws or spotted leopard.

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A good coffee table should be both decorative and functional. Place books, magazines, candles and maps on your coffee table, but try to do it with good taste. Magazines can spread in a fan design. As a general rule, keep the elements on the top to less than half the height of the coffee table. Otherwise, the table is dominated by articles. Protect your coffee table and flash your style with some beautiful handmade mountains. Coasters can be made from a variety of materials, from cardboard to metal, and the materials do not have to be exotic or expensive. Give wooden squares from a layer of slate paint then you can write the name of each guest on your mountain. The possibilities are endless.

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Finally, be sure to use the space under the table. A very well patterned carpet can do a lot of jazz on a monotonous coffee table. Carpet squares are another elegant way to add color to a room and draw people’s eyes towards your coffee table. Even an orderly row of shoes or a basket of yarn of points of interest adds to the space.

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