Ideas For Double Sofa Bed

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Double sofa bed is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can serve both as an extra bed and seat for guests. If you like the idea of ​​adding a sofa bed in your home, but do not want to buy a new piece of furniture, you can build your own divan from a pair of individual headboards and a double mattress. Build your own custom double sofa bed to fit your existing decor. A sofa bed can be a piece of versatile furniture, as it can be used as a sofa, a lounger or a guest bed. A sofa bed can be made with a low cost headboard or cast offspring that can be found at any number of garage sales and thrift stores. By the reuse of these pieces of furniture on a couch, an original and functional piece of furniture for the home is added.

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Then, use fine sandpaper to lightly sand the finish surface of each of the headers. This will give the primer and paint a surface to adhere. Be careful not to scratch the wood so deeply as to leave marks on the wood. Prime both sides of both headers and allow them to dry completely. Painting the headers of the desired color on both sides. Allow headers at least 24 hours for the paint to cure and finish drying. Attach the headrests of a double size bed frame to the head and feet of the chassis. Measure the length from the outer edge of one head of the bed to the outer edge of the other head. Cut side rails to this length of 1-inch by 8-inch pieces of pine.

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Sand, prime and paint the side rails to match the headboards. Place the side panels on the frame of the exposed bed and attach the side rails of the headboards with L-brackets. The L-brackets should be placed in the inner corner, where the headboards and side panels meet. Two L-brackets will at last hold the side panel securely in place and hide the double bed frame of the view. Place the bed against a wall in the room and place an individual mattress on the frame. Cover the mattress with desired bedding. Fold the edge of the bed linens behind the side panels to give the daybed an upholstered appearance during the day. Arrange cushions along the length of the day bed and against the wall to complete the look.

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