Ideas For Choosing Walnut Coffee Table

Traditional Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut coffee table can be a unique and inviting addition to all living spaces. You can customize its design and function to what your interests are. Customize it to suit your interior or make it the focus of your living room. The design of a coffee table is limited only by your imagination. Be creative, and you can have a table that will let your friends talk about your latest project. Have fun, and you will enjoy building your own wooden coffee table.


How to build a wooden coffee table

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Place one of the prefabricated table legs on the floor, securing a piece of 44-inch wood trim to the side of the upper surface of the leg with the finishing nails. Make sure the wood trim comes to the exact beginning of the leg, and align the side edge of the leg up with the side edge of the trim. Place a leg at the opposite end of the trim and repeat the process. Use the second piece of 44-inch trim and the two unused table legs; repeat the same process as before for these pieces. Take a piece of 16-inch wood trim and attach it to the upper corner of one of the table legs with surface nails.

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Make sure it is at right angles to the 44-inch wood trim piece and overlap the end of the wood trim. Secure a 16-inch piece of trim to the opposite leg and trim. Repeat this process for the remaining 16-inch trim on the opposite side of the frame. Place the 1-by-20 inch unfinished furnace panel on top of the frame you just built and the center panel so that the frame is still on all sides. The panel should hang the frame around an inch on each side. Attach the panel to the frame with the finishing nails.

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Place the newspaper on the floor and close the table so that the top is on the paper. Color the bottom, frame and table legs with a layer of paint. Wipe out the excess stain with a clean dry cloth. Repeat with a second layer of paint and allow it to dry. Turn the table over when it is dry and repeat the process for the top and sides of the table. When dry, coat the table with layers of satin finish. Let it dry and then close the table and repeat the process. Allow it to dry completely and make final sand with 220 grit. Apply the stain or paint, depending on your design. Cover the stain or paint with a clear overcoat to protect the target.

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