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Chenille is a type of lumber that combines different fibers to create a soft, slightly shiny effect. Because of its sensitive nature, it is easy for the fibers to loosen and look at torn areas. If you invest in a chenille overcoat, it is important that you wash it properly to extend the life of the fabric. The bed cover can be translated mean “down” in French and refers to a duvet that is paired with detachable clothing. In the right style and color, a canopy can stand out as a beautiful centerpiece in your bedroom. If you want to use a blanket or change your duvet cover, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choices of styles and fabrics. In the end, because you can change your cover whenever you want, you’ll see that the quilts will bring the flexibility and convenience of your bedroom decor.

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Wash chenille tops by hand. Fill your bathtub with warm water and a cap full of Woo lite laundry detergent. Carefully wash the fabric by squeezing slowly in water and detergent. Leave the dirty water out of the bathtub. Fill your bathtub with hot water. Gently agitate the fabric away the detergent, with the hand and gently squeeze. Allow the water to flow through the fabric by spinning around. Let the water out and fill the bath one last time. Let the toppings soak in warm water for a few minutes. Drain the water and twist the cover very slowly. If you think there is still some dishwasher detergent, pour water on top of the topple for a few more minutes. Allow the water to flow until it is clear and free from foam.
Press out the water by folding the cover in half. Fold to half at half and press down. Press down when you fold half in the middle. Keep folding and pushing down as you “push” out the water without damaging the fabric. When placing as much water as possible, place a design bed cover in the dryer. Throw in some dryer the sheet and turn the dryer on the lid. To avoid using a tumble dryer, simply put the top cover flat on a clean floor and allow it to dry overnight. If you are nervous about washing it yourself, take a cover for the dry cleaner. Give your dry cleaner some specific instructions if you are allergic to any chemicals, or ask if they have organic cleansers available.
Tips and warnings
Never hang up a wet chenille overcoat, as it will stretch it out and destroy it. Even when drying a chenille overcoat, do not put anything else in the dryer at the same time. Buttons and zippers can get stuck in a bed cloth and tear off the fabric.

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