How To Take Care Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Concrete Tables

Concrete outdoor furniture is a great way to bring conversation and functionality to your outdoor space. But most outdoor furniture ages fairly quickly without routine maintenance. It is important to keep outdoor furniture clean and protect some outdoor furniture from moisture, sun or heat. Take care that your outdoor furniture will maximize the life of your investment and reduce the need to buy new outdoor furniture on an annual basis. Here are some ways to take care of a variety of materials outdoor furniture and styles.


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Clean patio furniture once a week with soap and water during seasons long use. Collection of pollen and other debris can destroy the pillows and fabric by staining. Almost all patio furniture should be safe to clean with mild soap and water. Use a power washer to deep clean wood rattan (also known as rattan) and in all-weather rattan patio furniture. Do not use water on paper fiber rubbing baskets, this will destroy furniture. Paper fiber rubbing baskets were used in the early 1900s and should be kept indoors if possible. When washing wood basket, be sure to use the lowest setting of power tray so you do not spoil your furniture.

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Be careful not to put pressure on the braid while it is wet since wickerwork expands when exposed to water. Allow furniture to dry for several days before use. When the wicker dries, it returns to its natural shape and shape. Remove pillows and outdoor fabrics from chairs and machine wash them if possible. Check the instruction label to determine if they are safe. For acrylic pillows, place clean them with soap and water and allow them to dry completely before use to avoid stains. Wash the umbrella fabric with a soft brush with soap and water. Umbrella fabric can fade from mold build up. Clean the fabric of umbrellas on a monthly basis to prevent accumulation.

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Coat wood furniture with a waterproof paint or polyurethane and teak oil furniture on an annual basis to prevent water and moisture damage. Before using the stain or oil, light sand both wood and teak furniture in the fiber direction to remove rough areas. For wood furniture, apply a thin layer of waterproof paint or polyurethane with a soft brush. Use a cloth to wipe excess amounts and let it dry for the recommended drying time. For teak furniture, follow the same process above but use teak oil. Be sure to use at least two or three layers to provide optimal protection, so that each layer wipes before the next layer. Following this process will significantly extend the life of your furniture.

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