How To Restoration Old Wood Console Table

Wood Console Table Metal Combine

Wood Console Table – Woodworm is one of the main enemies of wood, very aggressive and contagious. It can be transmitted to all wooden furniture that is nearby. For this reason, the prevention phase and early detection in case of infection with woodworm are so important to reduce its spread and eradication.

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In the case of this old wood console table the only thing I had to do was to clean it thoroughly since this small console furniture for at least 30 years was intended to serve as support for pots, so you can imagine how it was. It is a simple trick that you can carry out yourself, it is about extending a special silicone that is used in restoration. In the market you will find a wide variety of colors of this silicone, so you can choose the one that best suits your wooden console. Remember that before painting your old console you must fill in those gaps.

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Once cleaned and examined your wood console table, touch disassembles to facilitate the task of sanding and obtain a perfect result. After the sanding extends a hand of wood primer, there are many brands, it is best that a professional advise you. The primer is to ensure the subsequent painting. It is very likely that over time the varnishes will come out again, they are very old furniture and that also influences the materials used.

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