How To Make Simple Swivel Stool

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A simple swivel stool can be used instead of a chair in areas where there is not so much space, such as a breakfast nook or counter. Bar stools also allow people to move easier. Since they do not have the backing of a chair to contend with. You can make your own easy bar stool in an afternoon with some wood and power tools. After it’s finished, you can paint it to match the rest of the room. Cute two of the 29 1/2-inch pieces of wood on end. These are two of the four legs for your bar stool. Apply the wood glue to each end of one of the 16-inch pieces of wood. And then put the 16-inch piece between the two 29 1/2-inch pieces on top. The 16-inch piece is effectively the clamp between the legs of the chair table.
While there is a standard height known as bar height, there are other heights used for stools for other purposes. Thirty inches is the normal height of the basic swivel stool. But you may prefer a high or lower bar stool or island stool in your kitchen. In that case, the proper height depends on who sits in the stool and the height of the bar area. Most of the bar stools are built for the average bar, which is 40 to 42 inches tall. Thirty inches stool put the kangaroo’s knees 10 to 12 inches below the edge of the bar, which is the most comfortable arrangement for the average sized person. Unless it is very tall or very short, you should find that a bar stool at this height, combined with a foot bar between the seat and the floor.
Create covers for your swivel stool to protect them during normal use. You can make covers of any material, but machine washable fabrics such as cotton and denim are excellent options in high traffic, kid-friendly areas. Whatever material you choose, make two sets of covers so that your benches are always protected and you have the freedom to change the design of the room to suit different occasions. Measure the seat diameter and seat thickness. Cut a cloth round 3 inches larger than the sum of the diameter and thickness. Calculate the circumference of the bar stool seat using the following formula: circumference equals pi times the diameter. For example, if the diameter of the circle is 20 inches, 20 inches multiply by 3.14 to obtain a circumference of 62.8 inches.

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