How To Decorate Silver Nightstand

Product Silver Nightstand

Silver nightstand is invaluable furniture if you want to keep books, glasses or other items near your bed. If your old wooden nightstand looks obsolete or if you just want a new look, paint it. A fresh color job gives the nightstand a brand new look, add color and style to your bedroom.


Spread a cloth to protect your workplace. Take the drawers. Use a screwdriver to remove the pulls and any other hardware. Sand the painted surfaces easily with 100-grit sandpaper. Wipe the abrasive dust with a clean damp cloth and allow the nightstand to dry. Apply a layer of primer on the bedside table using a brush and allow it to dry properly. Primer helps the stick to wood and it also provides a more durable finish. If you prefer a more easily distressed paint, however, jump the primer. Apply paint over the primer with brush and allow the paint to dry properly. Even if you can handle a fur, two or three gives a more finished, more opaque appearance.

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Just make sure the paint dries between the rocks. When the paint is completely dry, replace the box hardware and place the drawers back in the nightstand. Primer sometimes wakes the grain on wood, so if you notice that the wood is particularly rough after priming, sand it easily again. Protect your painted nightstand with a polyurethane coating. Your decoupage painted the night table for an eclectic look. Spread newspapers around the nightstand. Use a rough sanding grinder to remove the existing surface to clean wood. Sand the surface a second time with a fine slip paper to make it smooth and clean. Brush woodwork into the surface of the night table, which runs from top to bottom.

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Brush it heavily, and let it sit on the surface for a minute. Use a cloth to wipe excess lizards. Rate the look of the play, and repeat the coloring process if you want it darker. Allow the stain to dry for eight hours. Brush paint brushes, apply it in a thin, even layer, starting at the top of the play and working down. Leave it in eight hours. Carefully wipe dry lacquer by hand with fine release paper, dull gloss. Wipe off the dust. Brush on a second layer of lacquer in the same way as the first one. Let it dry. Gently slip it. Brush on a third coat. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Work in a well-ventilated area when applying paint and paint.

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