How To Decorate Fire Pit Table

Modern Fire Pit Tables

Make the most of an elegant asset like a fire pit table by decorating the mantle for daily enjoyment and of course, for holidays. Even how to decorate for daily life varies greatly from decorating for a special occasion, there are several decor items that you can use for each mantle display. Invest in a couple of glasses of vases, bowls or other sturdy glass. Add season’s appropriate items to each vase as a simple, elegant cloak decorative item. Hold candles and silver candlesticks for an extra touch of elegance in each party display.


Clean and dry the mantle properly. Make your mantle fresh before decorating it guarantees your decorative screen has a crisp background. Fire pit table propane is made of many different materials: brick, ceramics, wood and even stainless steel. Clean brick cloak carefully with light soap and water; clean grooves with a toothbrush. Ceramics and wood can be cleaned with a mild detergent, water and a warm cloth. Stainless steel can be sprayed with window sills and dried. Set your daily display by putting a piece of fabric, often called a robe runner, on the robe. A jacket is typically narrower than a table, so if you do not have a robe runner you can do one by tailoring a runner to the width and the length of the robe.
Add silver candlesticks on the mantle and fill them with light. Place several glass vases of varying size on the jacket. Fill each vase with dried or fresh flowers. Add multiple family photo frames to the screen. This creation is for everyday life. Each item on the screen is also functional: light add elegance, photo frames serve as conversation entrees for dinner invitations and the flowers add warmth to the room. With a cloak for Christmas is something that many people can only dream of. Take advantage of your mantle and decorate the corridors for the season. Put a piece of felt on the robe in a traditional color like red or green or in a modern holiday color as white, and have this serve as a replacement for a robe runner.
Fill glass vases and bowls with various colored ornaments. Add candles to silver candle holders. Finally, weave arches of holly through the display. Add a pink, red or white satin or lace mantle runner near Valentine’s Day. Keep your robe appropriately designed with pink, white or red light, and fill glass vases with rose petals or dried flowers. If you live with kids, fill the glasses with various Valentine’s Day candies, such as candy hearts and jelly beans. String red, white and blue sparrow from one side of the robe to the other when you celebrate the 4th of July. Keep the top of the wood burning fire pit table patriotic with red, white and blue light. Spread an American flag on the wall above the mantle for a decorative frame.

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