How Caulk Contemporary Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Mount Led Light Fixtures

Contemporary outdoor wall lights must seal the light from moisture intrusion. If moisture penetrates the wall light, the light will shorten and become a fire hazard. The connections within the outdoor wall light will mow and the light will not work. You do not have to seal the entire light, only the areas that water can invade. The standard drive pattern seals three sides of the wall lamp, but the seal must be completely sealed around these three sides.


Wipe the area around the outdoor wall lamp with a clean cloth to remove dust, dirt and debris from the wall. Place the tube sealed to the drop-in seal gun with the nozzle turned away from the trigger. Cut the nozzle at a 45 degree angle with a 1/8 inch opening. Squeeze the handle on the gun to start the flow of the seal from the tube and release the pressure from the sealant gun by pushing the lever. Twist the bar of the tight gun and pull it away from the sealed pipe. Wipe excess caulk from the tip of the caulk tube. Place the tip of the dense pipe against the wall with the tip pointing to the place where.

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Run a rigid joint down both sides of the outdoor wall lamp and another over the top. Release the pressure from the sealant gun as described in step 3. Blow your finger into the water bowl and drive your finger along the dense pearl to give it a finished look. Inspect the caulk bead to ensure there are no cavities in the caulk bead. Cut open the sealed pipe with a knife or heavy scissors. Cut the opening at a 45 degree angle. Eyeball where you want to apply dense: the small gap where the light comes into contact with the back plate or mounting table. Start applying dense to the top of the outdoor light and work your way down. Apply dense to even current. If you get off course, scoot seal back in place with a knife.

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Caulk down on the other side of the luminaire, top and bottom, clamp the tight pipe when working. Caulk along the top of the luminaire and along the bottom, leaving a small space along the bottom so that any moisture in the faucet flows out. Dip your finger in the bowl with water and evenly dense. Press down on the dense light as you work around the light. This step will help ensure tight filling the gap between the light and back plate or mounting table and look a more beautiful look. Clean up the spill tightly. Follow the instructions on the tight pipe and make joints around your luminaire sufficient time to cure.

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