Hallway Console Table Ideas

Small Hallway Console Table

Hallway console table – A hallway can be an easy way between two areas of a home, or it can be a pavement or foyer where people enjoy a first insight into a home. If you have enough space in a hall, consider arranging some furniture to decorate the space. Placing tables against the wall can provide both storage and a focal point in this area. Decorate matching hall tables in a way that fits your style and the other interior of your home.

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Place hallway console table in a complementary grouping. Placement suggestions involve on either side of a doorway, on opposite walls, or directly next to each other. Add a lamp to one or both tables. If you put the tables together as a long table, use only a lamp. If you separate the tables, place match or coordinate lights on each table. Choose table size lamps with bases and shades that complement the rest of your home furnishings. Add a vase of dried flowers to a table. Add a pot plant to the other table similarly.

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Select an additional item for each table with a smaller height. A candelabra or group of candles could sit just outside the center of a table, and a decorative basket could sit outside the center of the other table. Decorate the walls behind the hallway console table. Place a large mirror behind a table. Behind the other table, place a large framed image, a collage of smaller pictures, or a dried wreath. Stand back and judge the effect. Arrange the objects, which mean you do not place them in a straight line across the tables.

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