French Bathroom Vanity Design

French Provincial Bathroom Vanities

French bathroom vanity – Keep the accent colors of subdued blues and soothing greens reminiscent of peaceful seaside views to complete the mild feel of French country design.


The furniture is used for your French bathroom vanity gives the greatest effect in your overall design. This paragraph need not be valid, but should be able to pass for a rustic European table, chest of drawers, desk or vanity. Solid wood is the best material for this project, but wrought iron can be used to call a French country too. Add a stained look to a wood piece by painting it in matte color followed by wood glaze. Sand the surface uneven to reveal the underlying color of random areas.

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A French bathroom vanity placed in the bathroom may require a working sink to be fully functional. Cut a hole of the appropriate size and shape into a desk, simple table or original vanity. Sink a simple porcelain basin into the hole and allow the tubes below to remain visible. This gives a sincere country feel while adding a one-of-a-kind bit to your bathroom.

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If your vanity is separated from the sink and sink, place a jug and sink on a corner of the surface instead. This gives an authentic feel to the country vanity. Because you probably will not use the pieces to actually wash your hands, re-use them by filling the jar with flowers and store an assortment of colorful necklaces and bracelets in the basin.

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