Fashionable Magazine Racks At Home

Wire Magazine Stands

Books and magazines can take up a lot of space at home. And we must also have them well ordered and clean. The good news is that you can make your own magazine racks to store them properly. In the following article we tell you how. If you consider yourself a true ‘handyman’ you can take advantage of your skills. And make a craft more than pretty and above all useful. Shelves for books and magazines with recycled drawers. Do you have an old piece of furniture that no longer works? Then use the drawers. You can also get those drawers where the fruits and vegetables are placed in the market. Or if you dare, you can assemble them yourself with four wooden boards and a ‘lid’ behind. You just have to sand the drawer to eliminate any imperfection. And then paint with the color that you like the most.
You can even just varnish magazine racks if the decoration of your house is in wood. Then get a wooden strip two centimeters wide and the length of the drawer. This will be used as a ‘top’ so that books or magazines do not fall. Finally, screw two eyebolts on the back. And you can hang it on the wall. There’s nothing more fun than going to a flea market. And buying antique furniture at ridiculous prices. Or we can also go to the house of our relatives and friends. And see if they have something they no longer want or need. Lately it has become fashionable to decorate with stairs, of those that when opened have a triangle shape. To be able to put books it is very important that you put a shelf or wood between the steps.
If you lean it against the wall, it will be easier for nothing to fall. Otherwise, we recommend that you put a magazine racks on each side of the table. There are very beautiful and decorated. If you want to build a reading space at home. For example in the living room or in the children’s room, this idea can be more than interesting. It is a shelf similar to the one in the kiosks or in some establishments with a waiting room. For this you will need wood slats of different thicknesses and sizes. One wider and longer for the base, two wide and narrow for the sides. And one thin and long to ‘support’ the magazines or books. There is no need for a wood in the back because it will go against the wall.

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