Fantastic Ideas To Install A Floating Nightstand

Floating Nightstand Corner

Floating nightstand – Do you have a room so small that you almost do not fit the bedside tables? Do not worry because there is a solution for everything. We have already brought many ideas to decorate and furnish small rooms, but every time we find a new one that is really good and effective we will continue bringing it. And today we have prepared fantastic ideas to install a nightstand or nightstand in a very small bedroom . No matter how small, because these bedside tables are designed for tiny bedrooms and best of all is that you can do them yourself spending just 4 hard, as they are actually 5 DIY projects to manufacture bedside tables. Let’s see them!

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A wooden box or drawer as a bedside table

The first bedside table or the first DIY project is really simple and effective. We just need a wooden box. It can be a box of wine or even a drawer of an old piece of furniture. We screw it to the wall and we can already enjoy a small shelf in which to leave books, magazines, reading glasses, the alarm clock, and the mobile. Also, if you do the same as in this project by hanging a washer on the bottom of the box, you can install a light bulb and so have an improvised and original lamp on the bedside table.

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A hanging bedside table

Starting from the basis that we do not have space to place a bedside table in our small bedroom, we must take advantage of any space, including the roof. And is that if we hang from a ring 3 resistant cables in which at one end has placed a round table, we can enjoy an original, beautiful and practical bedside table.

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A bedside table or rather a hanging shelf as a bedside table

In the same way that we can create a floating night table, if we need more space, we can also create a large floating shelf hanging from the ceiling. In this way we will have more space to store books, magazines, etc. Nothing easier than to take an old shelf that we can find even in the garbage container of our neighborhood, restore it or not, as in this case and hang it on the wall, add a table as a shelf and enjoy a night table in our little bedroom. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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