Explain And Bring Down Some Of Stair Lift Chairs

Will Medicaid Pay For A Lift Chair

The lift chairs have been on the market for many years. But there is still a lot of ignorance about them. And some myths or ideas that do not fit the reality. In this article we want to explain and bring down some of them. There are many people who believe that a lift can only be installed on straight stairs. However, there are different models of chairs that can be install on a staircase that has curves, turns and / or intermediate breaks. These types of stair climbing chairs are know as ” curve stair lift”. To properly fit the rail on a ladder of this type, the appropriate measurements are made. And a custom rail is construct that fits perfectly to your ladder.
Yes, most people who use stair lifts are elderly. But not all chair users are elderly. In fact, a lift chairs can be very useful for a person of any age who may have experience a significant injury or who has a problem. And can not safely use the stairs at home. Although it depends on the type of ladder and the installation needs. Normally the rail of a stair lift is not attach directly to the wall when install on a ladder. It is usually anchored to the ladder and can be supported on the wall, on the railing of the stairs or without supports. It depends on the model and the needs of the client. Most stairs have more than enough space to install a stair lift.
After installing the chair, there will still be room to go up and down the stairs on foot if necessary. The arms, the seat and the footrest of lift chairs can be fold into the upper and lower landings of the staircase. Thus creating space to be able to use the stairs without problems. Many people believe that if there is a power outage they can get stuck on the stairs. Although it is necessary that there is a standard outlet at the top or bottom of the stairs for the lift to load. The stair lift works with a battery that recharges at each stop, both on the top and bottom of the stairs. Getting on and off a stair lift is easy and safe. At the top of the steps, the seat rotates to allow safe entry and exit at the top landing of the stairs.

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