Elegant And Stylish Dressing Table

Vanity Table With Mirror Model

The dressing table is that object of desire that everyone since childhood has want to have in the room of their dreams. Who has not dreamed of having a perfect dresser full of makeup brushes? And boxes with earrings and bracelets in your room? Unfortunately many of us have stayed in the desire. But we have not been able to have that small space inside our room due to lack of space. Get out the excuses! Because no matter how small your room is. It is possible to have a custom-made dresser. So let’s get to know them a bit more. What are the essential elements that every dresser should have? We cannot forget these three objects: mirror, table and good lighting. We can add this last element in different ways. Such as using an additional lamp, or embedding some bulbs in the frame itself.
Also something essence … Have small spaces to store all those elements. Such as makeup, brushes and other things in small boxes or boxes! Toilet vanity case: It is not a most elegant toilet. But it is practical. It occupies little space. And the upper cover when it is raised discovers a mirror on its back. Inside we find all kinds of makeup and jewelry items. This type of dresser is always accompanies by a stool that also occupies very little space. Classic makeup table: It is the most common of all. It is the typical vintage and rustic furniture, ivory color that has many drawers and rounded legs. It is an elegant and stylish dressing table, the dream of every girl when she grows up. Of course, you must have enough space to place it in your room.
If you still want to create your own dresser, I leave you some ideas. What do you need? A small table of the dimensions that you consider appropriate according to the space you have. Make it a stylish color like ivory or aged white. Mirror is an essential in the toilet. Choose one oval and with a wooden frame that is the same tones as your desk. The chair or the stool: Give it a vintage touch with a floral or patterned cushion. The light: Locate a lamp that illuminates well. As you can see, it is easy to make your room your perfect space to have that dream you have always wanted, to have your own dressing table. You just have to take into account the space and the type of model you want.

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