Driftwood Console Table Decoration Ideas Hallway

Driftwood Console Table Base

Driftwood Console Table – A corridor is a path that leads to other rooms in the house. Walking down a well lit, clear passageway says a lot about the rest of the house. Unfortunately, the corridors are often neglected areas that can become garbage dumps for shoes, toys and other personal items. Giving your hall a makeover can illuminate the walk and make it more visually interesting. It can even create the illusion of a larger, smaller, more or less spacious space.

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Considering the small amount of space on the driftwood console table, the accents in less, the better. Whenever you have the table, the decoration in it should accentuate the table, as well as space, not get away from it. Decorating the table can be a challenge, but it could have wonderful results.

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Hang a large mirror at the end of a hallway, making space look bigger. A small driftwood console table placed under the mirror with a vase of flowers or plants in pots and a decorative lamp gives energy and life to space while adding a focal point. Place a storage bench in place of the console table for more storage space. Create a gallery wall of framed black and white photographs or a collection of similar prints on a corridor wall. This improves the trip down the aisle with visual interest.

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