Do You Have Questions About Futon Mattress? Read On!

White Futon Mattress Pad

Today, we want to share our knowledge of futon mattress and the art of choosing a good futon. Futons have been known for 2000 years and come from Japan. Now we have the opportunity to take advantage of Japanese experience in relaxation art. Modern futons are adapt to our European habits. And can be use both on the basis of tatami carpets and on wooden beds. Nowadays, Japanese mattresses have gained fans all over the world thanks to both practical advantages and good qualities. Some people see a big advantage of sleeping on futons. Because futon mattress in natural materials can breathe. And become a better option for people with back problems and allergies. In addition to the health aspects, Japanese bed mattresses are environmentally friendly. And also help one to minimize poisoning at home.
Cotton and wool mattresses are cheaper than spring mattresses. Folding futons are also easier to transport in a car. Japanese mattress saves space by rolling or folding . And preserving in the closet or storage of the day and for the night you can roll it out on the floor or tatami carpets. Presently, futons are manufacture from a wide range of materials, including organic cotton, wool, camel wool, and horse robe. And mixtures of raw cotton with foam, latex and coconut fiber. It is important to follow tradition by choosing only high quality natural materials. Cotton is a natural material that follows the shape of the spine and fully supports your body while you sleep. Futon mattress with cotton padding are hard. When using mattress, cotton forms after the body and over time the material is press under body weight.
Obviously, futon was call with Shikibuton, and according to Japanese tradition, pure cotton mattresses were made. For beginners to choose the right futon, we do not even feel easy and we admit it’s really an individual thing. It is almost impossible to give concrete recommendations. The best way is probably to trysova. Therefore, we offer a widespread 14-day open purchase on futons. Its means free return shipping. Before choosing a futon, it’s important that you decide what firmness of futon you want: solid / hard, medium or medium to soft. You usually buy hard and medium hard futons because this firmness is good for your back. The best tip that can guide you to a perfect futon is that latex makes futon mattress softer while coconut fiber contributes to futon hardness.

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