Different Types Of Bathroom Cabinets

Tall Bathroom Cabinet

In this idea we do not look at the latest trends in bathrooms, we do not look at the most modern spa equipment or the latest built-in furniture. In this idea we look at one of the basic aspects of a good bathroom, bathroom cabinets. And more specifically, we are looking at different ways to place shelves in the bathroom. Because of course we never have enough storage space, but some things do not have to be locked up. Planks in the bathroom are therefore great for bathroom items where we have to be able to easily access. As well as ideal to bring some atmosphere. All based on everyone’s personal preference of course. And that’s why we look at a number of different types of shelves in the bathroom. By using open bathroom shelves instead of a closed piece of furniture, space is created.
Rustic planks in the bathroom are made of lived wood. They breathe atmosphere and thus fit beautifully with the doors of the bathroom cabinet and the frame of the bathtub. The mirrors at the back of the shelves are cleverly placed. In a bathroom you can, in our opinion, never have enough mirrors and these are delicately concealed behind the bathroom shelves. The atmosphere of this rustic bathroom is strength by the rural interpretation of the bathroom cabinet. From the ceramics to the sweet bears, they all fit in with the national theme. The shelves in the bathroom are nicely concealed in a subtle cupboard. Wonderful if there ever need to be changed of decor. Because where the built-in closet remains, the bathroom boards are of course easy to replace.
Subtle small shelves above the bathroom furniture are delivered in exactly the same material as the rest of the storage space. The material in this bathroom is not as lived as the bathroom shelves in our first example, which creates a more subtle and neutral appearance. The size of the boards in this bathroom makes them unsuitable for placing large objects, but here again we see, just as above, that they are great for placing small daily items. Because the upper bathroom cabinets is more difficult to reach, this shelf is great for storing, as done here, a clock. In the rest of this idea book we mainly saw closed bathroom furniture. A great idea, of course, when the bathroom supplies must be neatly tidied up. With this bathroom shelf a different option was chosen: baskets were used to store the daily shower products.

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