Design Half Round Console Table

Accent Half Round Console Table

Half round console table – Creating a fake peak for an existing console table makes the table to be used in a variety of ways, such as seating more people than it originally intended to or against a change in style. A new console table top that sits on top of the existing table is more cost effective than replacing the table with a new one. A removable counterfeit countertop can provide protection against damage or it can hide existing damage when the company is visiting

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Measure the size of the existing half round console table and determine the size of the new half round console table. Take into account the base that supports the tabletop when deciding on the size of the new top. Avoid extending the tabletop by more than one inch on each side for a table with a single center support system. Cut 2-by-4s to the appropriate length to create a wooden box size of the finished fake top kitchen table. Mark each piece. Be sure to leave enough space for the new top to slide over the top of the existing desktop.

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Mount the box frame of the new half round console table by screwing the left side of the desk top to the front of the desk. Move to the right side and screw it to the bottom. Fill in the box by turning these two L forms together. Cut the plywood to fit the box and attach it by screwing through the plywood and into the frame. Paint or color the sides of the frame.

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