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Navy chair – This time we want to talk about how to decorate spaces with a piece of furniture that has managed to enter the long list of designer furniture. This is the Navy chair (also called La 1006) that was created following an assignment made by the United States Navy in the years of the Second World War. The company Emeco and the manufacturer Alcoa were in charge of the manufacturing. And they did it with recycled aluminum, in such a way that it was able to withstand the explosions, be immune to corrosion, and have a great lightness and a life of 150 years. With the passage of time, the Navy chair became an icon of design,

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With a very American style and with the contributions that have been made by designers like Philipe Starck, Frank Gehry or Norman Foster and that have helped to enhance the characteristics own the chair. A model that delights many and has managed to settle in the world of decoration. Navy blue accent chair is perfect for industrial style environments. Along with exposed brick panels, cement floors, exposed pipes or wooden planks covering the walls behaves like a perfect complement. The original model was made in the color of aluminum.

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But today there are versions in colors such as white, green, red, orange and two shades of gray. Which make it stand out and open a range of possibilities to enhance the interior design and the décor. As a final point we leave you a curiosity related to the navy chair: according to rumors, the ass of the American actress of the fifties, Betty Grable, is what shaped the seat of the navy occasional chair. The new US navy chair by Emeco is in wood, a company founded in 1944 to produce American sailors’ seats.

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It is the British designer Michael Young to sign the new collection of chairs by Emeco, an American company that produces seats in 80% recycled aluminum. This time, however, for the first time, the material chosen by Emeco and Young for the legs of its seating line is the ash tree. Taken from the forests of Lancaster County from which the new collection takes its name. Emeco was founded in 1944 to produce entirely aluminum chairs for the United States Navy. The new chair, stackable up to six pieces, will be sold at a price of around three hundred euros. So, the end.

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