Decorate Rustic Wood Console Table

Square Rustic Wood Console Table

Rustic wood console table – Derived washing on the beaches every day, full of unusual colors and textures. The movement of the water clocks against the wood, combined with exposure to the sea air, the wood closes a subdued shade of brown or gray. Designers create console tables from pieces that become the focus in all rooms. Decorating around a drifted console table means picking the right colors and textures for your other decorations.

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Table designs

Designers often use larger pieces of driftwood as the basis for a table with a large round or rectangular glass piece on top. You can also find patterns with a rustic wood console table attached to the driftwood. Some designs also use a large piece of flat driftwood like the table top and curved pieces like the legs. Build your room around the kind of coffee table that matches your taste.

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Color options

Paint the walls a neutral color, such as light brown or cream. The neutral colors in the wall pick up shades in driftwood without dusting the room. If you have a darker rustic wood console table, the walls mark the table. Consider using shades of light blue and green as opposed to neutral colors. The lighter shades resemble the colors found in the ocean and create a natural look in the space.

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